This is to introduce a special service for children with academic and behavioral problems.
Poor academic performance is a real issue for lot of children and it makes life miserable not only for them but parents as well .it can be due to mild mental retardation, borderline intelligence, cultural and environmental deprivation, emotional disturbances or specific learning disabilities. Learning disability can be seen in children with average and above average intelligence. The child will have significant deficit in one or more aspect of learning process, resulting in underachievement and a gap between potential and performance. A learning disabled child may have any of the following conditions- dyslexia- severe difficulty in reading, writing, and spelling.

Dysgraphia – difficulty in spellings, poor handwriting and trouble putting thoughts together on paper.

Dyscalculia -difficulty in maths, inability to differentiate between symbols, difficulty in place value, quantity, understanding and computing word problem.

These handicap lead to a series of social ,personal problems. Timely intervention both for assessment and remediation is important and goes far in helping the child.

Keeping this in mind we are initiating a learning disability clinic, as a part of reformation a multisensory clinic. In which we deal WITH ADHD, ADD, CAPD, CARRIER AND BEHAVIOURAL COUNSELLING and other child problems.