• If you think your child might have a learning disability, you may feel overwhelmed by the information, the numerous tests, and the lack of clarity about how to get the best help for your child. What you need is a roadmap for sifting through the information and finding the valuable support that is available. You […]

  • A new social gift to our society from the kid’s reformation team. Our IT team head (SUMIT) has found the solution to stop Social Networking Crime prevention technology. Congratulations to whole reformation team for this remarkable success. Three months remedial teacher training to deal children with learning disabilities/difficulties/ADHD. Mind mapping training 4 days for slow […]

  • A child with a learning disability cannot try harder, pay closer attention, or improve motivation on their own; they need help to learn how to do those things. A learning disability, or learning disorder, is not a problem with intelligence. Learning disorders are caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is […]

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